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Story Time Reads, April 13

Early Literacy TipFor about 60% of our children learning to read in school is difficult.  If they have a positive experience about books and reading, they will be more likely to keep trying to learn to read when when it is hard.  This is because they have a positive association with books and reading.Books We Read

Story Time Reads, April 8

Early Literacy TipWhen you are reading a book with your child, don't worry about whether you get to finish the book or not.  Engage your child as much as you can, with your voice, by asking questions, talking about the pictures.  When your child loses interest, just set the book down and continue another time.  By following your child's lead, you can help make booksharing a positive experience.  This supports print motivation, a love of books.Books We Read

Story Time Reads, April 6

Early Literacy TipHaving your child say a repeated phrase with you throughout the book keeps him/her involved.  This is one way you support print motivation.Books We Read

Discussion Questions

"Women in Love"

Erin's Latest Pick

"Shades of Grey" by Jasper Fforde

Color is everything in 20-year-old Eddie Russett's world. Everything.  

Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day: Thursday, April 22 - 12:00 noon View the film: An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning                                                        

Spring Into Spring

Starting a vegetable plot in Foggy Bottom?Growing flowers in a container on your balcony?Check out these titles at West End Library:

Story Time Reads, March 31

Early Literacy TipEncourage your child to tell about her day—a birthday party or a special trip. Ask questions such as, "What happened first? What happened next? What did it look like? What did you like best?"Books We Read

Story Time Reads, March 29

Early Literacy TipSnuggle with your child using a favorite blanket or toy as you read. It is not only what you read but how you read to a toddler that is  important. Books We Read

Anime Artists Ahoy!

Are you a kid or teenager who loves to draw? Do you know a kid or teenager who loves to draw?If so, the Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian is the place to be the first weekend in April!