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Coffee & Conversation: Highlights

Coffee & Conversation West End highlights for winter 2021

The West End Neighborhood Library hosted the final Coffee & Conversation of 2021 on Dec. 8, 2021. The meeting took place outdoors, and although the group was smaller than usual, the hour went by quickly  - as the assembly of participants continued to discuss and solve the world's problems and opportunities. The West end Neighborhood Library's Coffee and Conversation program will move to a monthly format and will meet again in January 2022. Stand by for more details!

The Brothers Karmazov 1 flyer

The Intimidating Book Club: The Brothers Karamazov, Books IV-VI

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ fasts for forty days and forty nights, a feat that, in and of itself, requires at least some modicum of superhuman strength. What I find more extraordinary, however -- indeed, this is the most extraordinary, superhuman thing -- is when Jesus resists the temptation to "stick it" to his nemesis. "If you're as great as you claim," the devil essentially says, "turn these stones into bread."

Photo of Officer Rodriquez and Tiger

Meet Tiger!

A Local K-9 Celebrity

On Wednesday, Oct. 6, Officer Aida Rodriquez and her K-9 partner Tiger read their book Tiger the Police Dog by Lisa M.

Shakespeare Society: Much Ado About Nothing

In a catchy dance track that has continuously blessed pop radio airwaves since 1993, Trinidadian-German artist Haddaway wonders: "What is love?" This is doubtless a pressing question that has preoccupied not only Presocratic philosophers but early 90s hedonistic revelers hellbent on Bacchanalian surrender at Tunnel. Yet, for me, the more interesting part has always been Haddaway's baritone-soaked rejoinder: "Baby, don't hurt me." And, indeed, it is Benedick who says in Act 5.2:

Coffee and Conversation flyer.

Coffee and Conversation: Highlights

From Sept. 22 through Oct. 27, 2021, West End Library staff and patrons gathered together weekly each Wednesday at noon to enjoy a cup of coffee and partake in some friendly conversation. The library's front sidewalk, with its thoughtfully designed concrete seats and lovely array of flora and foliage, served as the perfect setting for these early autumn gatherings. Staff lead Bryan  N. and his co-lead Mimi N. served Blue Stone Lane coffee generously sponsored by the West End Library Friends.

Sandwich Clipart

Celebrating Sandwiches!

November 3 is National Sandwich Day and the West End Library will celebrate! Here are some stories to sink your teeth into!  

Coffee and Conversation flyer.

Coffee and Conversation

Join DC Public Library users and staff for coffee and conversation Wednesdays at noon through October 31, 2021. Weather permitting, the program will occur outside under a tent for plenty of shade. Drop in for a free cup of coffee and stay for some good conversation!

Photo of Eloise Greenfield

Celebrating Eloise Greenfield

Award-Winning Children's Author and Poet

Thank you, Eloise Greenfield, for your uplifting stories and positive portrayal of African American family life. Your stories and poems live on in the DC Public Library.    Picture Books by Eloise Greenfield