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Sourdough by Robin Sloan

Read It, Cook Eat, Eat It

Pairing Novels with Cookbooks

There is always something eminently enticing about a description of food. A good author brings you right into the kitchen or dining table as they conjure the smell, taste and experience of a good meal. For me, reading about food makes me want to drop everything and experience it myself. Here are three fabulous novels paired with three fabulous cookbooks that’ll take you from your reading nook and straight into your kitchen!


The Shakespeare Society

Please note: The last two readings, dates, and locations of the Shakespeare Society have changed to the following: Tuesday, July 16 | Macbeth Discussion location: West End Neighborhood Library, 2301 L St NW Tuesday, August 20 | Titus Andronicus Discussion location: Ris DC, 2275 L St NW For more information, please contact My Nguyen at my.nguyen@dc.gov


The Plato Project

West End Neighborhood Library's Plato Project aims to read and discuss a variety of Platonic dialogues. This is a discussion-based group and there is no preferred translation. The West End Neighborhood Library's adult services librarian will facilitate these discussions. We meet on the first Tuesday* of every month until Oct. 1, 2019. The full reading list is as follows: *In observance of New Year's Day, which falls on a Tuesday, we will meet for January's discussion on January 8. Dec. 4 | The Apology

Women against Power and Women of Power

The Ori Soltes Lecture Series, Spring 2018

The West End Library Friends present "Women against Power and Women of Power," a series of discussions led by Ori Z. Soltes, professorial lecturer in the department of theology at Georgetown University. In any number of readings at our West End Neighborhood Library meetings over the years we have focused on heroic men, but how have women fared? How has the presentation of women heroines—by male and female authors—changed across Western literature and how does this reflect on changes and non-changes in Western culture and civilization?

When the Moon Was Ours, by Anna Marie McLemore

Teens: Check Out LGBTQ YA at the Library!

Looking for a book to read this Pride Month? Check out these LGBTQ YA novels, new and old!


Heroes and Demi-Gods: The Rise and Fall Lecture Series

Kids' Club is our book club for readers ages 5-12. We meet every other Saturday from 2 - 3 p.m. Your child does not have to read the book ahead of time to participate. We will read a selection as a group then play a game or make a project. Children will be introduced to new titles so they can pick a perfect book to read at home. In the course of human religion, history and literature, there have been individuals who are understood to be - or are treated as if they are - somehow more than the rest of us.

Images of the covers of the Teens Top Ten 2016 winners

2016 Teens' Top Ten Winners Are Here!

The 2016 Teens’ Top Ten, chosen by teens, for teens, are out! We have several of the winners in the Teens' section at West End, and if one of the others catches your eye,  the Reference Desk or any staff member can help you put a hold on it!   And for next year...

Rebel Souls Book Cover

Bohemian People and Places

When one thinks of Bohemians, the image of the person who surfaces in the mind tends to be have lines drawn that emphasize the ability to live a little rootlessly, a little ruthlessly, and in a way that is counter to the expected. They also tend to occupy a community of like-minded individuals.

The Sellout

A Midsummer's Night Read

Summer being a time of enjoyment and eclecticism; the following books alternate between being enjoyable, soothing, heartbreaking, interesting, and - in a lot of ways - timely reading material.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Empowerment Through Music: Young Adult Titles

Even though it seems to exist in a world of its own, literature – especially young adult literature – is inherently familiar and joined with music. The rhythm and emphasis on figurative language are often enough on their own to connect books to the realm of musicality. However, sometimes music also becomes part of the story or takes on a more concrete shape in the life of the protagonist. For these stories, music is essential. If you have a taste for music and YA Fiction; these stories are ones you shouldn’t miss.