Neighborhood Library

Seniors "Excel" in Computer Classes!

Over 100 seniors are enrolled in the free computer classes for ages 55 and over. The classes are taught by ByteBack Computers at the Woodridge Neighborhood Library.The seniors are serious students. They bring their eagerness and willingness to master PC 1 and PC II for beginners.

Good Reads

"I Never Liked You "

I Never Liked You by Chester Brown       

Paula Young Shelton Book Signing

Paula Young Shelton (second from right), daughter of Civil Rights activist and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young, read from her newly published book, Child of the Civil Rights Movement, to students from John Bur

Senior Fridays at Woodridge

Golden Olympian Competitior, Sue Barnes and local drama group Two Faces, Inc., captivated, delighted and engaged the seniors on Senior Friday at Woodridge Neighborhood Library.

Reading Techs Recommend "Good Reads"

Circulation desk technicians Denise Barnes and Michael Price suggest the following “Good Reads”:Out of the Pocket, by Bill Konigsberg is a novel about a high school quarterback named Bobby. He’s a senior this year and his football team is on their way to winning the state championship.

Free Computer Classes for Seniors

Adults age 55 and older who complete the classes will get a free computer and two years’ free Internet access.

A Look at This Week...

Family Literacy and a Hip-Hop Poetry Slam!

Family Literacy WorkshopFamily Literacy Projects on a Budget®December 14, 2009, 4-6:30 p.m.Using children’s books, the National Children’s Museum will demonstrate extensive activities for family literacy programs on a budget. Using inexpensive, recycled and found items, program providers will create literacy activities for 99 cents or less per participant. In this workshop, each attendee will make tabletop activities, handmade books and fun things for families to do at home.

Neither Rain nor Snow....

Friends of Woodridge Library Hold Semi-annual Booksale

Eating for the Season

Saturday, November 21, 200912:30 p.m.Join Yoga instructor Deirdre Smith for yoga, bodywork and food you can use to maintain strength,health and vitality,during the winter seasons.

This Week's Events

Fun, Fitness and Lively Discussion

Monday, November 16, 2009, 7 p.m.