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The West End Library will be closed from Friday, Sept. 22 - Friday, Sept. 29 to allow for necessary electrical work to replace lighting throughout the library.

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Meetings of the Board of Library Trustees

Meetings of the Board of Library Trustees are generally held on the fourth Wednesday of every other month and these meetings are open to the public. The District of Columbia Board of Library Trustees designates a portion of each of its meetings to hear public comments. Public comments will be heard at the beginning of a meeting, or may be submitted by email to

Public comments submitted by 12pm, on the day of the board meeting, will be recognized during the meeting. All public comments submitted to will be shared with the board via email and reflected in the meeting minutes.

Public Comments Procedures

The District of Columbia Board of Library Trustees designates a portion of each of its meetings to hear public comments. Procedures are listed below.

  1. In order to make comments, members of the public must sign up by phone on the day of the meeting between noon and 5 p.m. by calling the Executive Office – 202-727-1101.
  2. Members of the public can also sign up in person from 5p.m. to 6p.m. at the location of the meeting.
  3. Individuals wishing to speak at the meeting will be asked to provide their name and address and the topic they plan to address.

Additional Procedures

  1. A period not to exceed thirty (30) minutes shall be set aside for these public comments. The chair may group speakers if he /she sees that more than one person wishes to address the same topic.
  2. In the event that more than 10 people wish to speak, the Chair will decide if more time will be provided at the end of the meeting for additional comments to be heard. In order to ensure that the Board and others in attendance hear from as many people as possible, preference will be given to members of the public who have not spoken at previous meetings. Depending on the number of people signed up to speak and the amount of time remaining, an individual may not be allowed to speak at two consecutive meetings. Written comments are encouraged.
  3. If fewer than 10 people have comments, the remaining time within the 30 minute set-aside can be used by people who have additional comments. The time will be equally divided among the number of people remaining. For example, if 10 minutes remain and10 people have additional comments, then each person shall have one minute to speak.
  4. There will be a three-minute time limit per individual, unless otherwise ruled by the chair. Time limit to include comments and responses. A timer will be provided and speakers advised when one minute remains. If there is a delegation or group to speak on one topic, the group will be asked to select a representative who will use the three minutes to speak for all in the group.
  5. Library staff will distribute any information the speaker would like to be given to board members. Copies of comments or other documents must be provided by the speaker  before the meeting begins.

Speaker Expectations

  • Comments are to be directed to the chair of the board.
  • All speakers will be asked to begin by stating their name and address.