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Three young girls sit at a table with a pile of books in the middle

Many of our libraries host in-person and/or virtual book clubs on a wide variety of topics - from new releases, to romance, the classics, books that have been turned into films, and even food and cookbooks.

Make sure to check our full calendar for any new book clubs that might pop up!


Current Book Clubs

Junior Book Talkers

So many books for kids to talk about! In this monthly book club for kids in grades 3-7, we'll chat likes and displikes about our selected book for each month. 

The Intimidating Book Club

Intended for those who have always wanted to read that one classic novel of gargantuan proportions but never did (or simply didn't finish). This group will read a notoriously lengthy book widely considered a classic, section by section, and meet monthly for a minimum one-hour discussion.

Proust Discussion Group

Either we know someone who's only read the first couple of volumes of In Search of Lost Time and just gave up, or we're one of them. No shame in that, but now is a chance to get to the finish line with other like-minded folks determined to say, "Why yes indeed, I've read the entirety of In Search of Lost Time!"

Black Studies Book Club

Explore, engage, and discuss books from and relating to the Black radical tradition. We'll be reading classics from authors such as Martin Luther King JR., Malcolm X, WEB Dubois, James Baldwin, Audrey Lorde, as well as lesser known and contemporary works. 

Mystery Book Club

Interested in a good mystery? Follow the clues with others just as interested!

I Never Wanna Grow Up Book Club

If Young Adult Literature is your preferred genre, drop in for an energetic conversation on award-winning titles written for teens.

Travel Fiction Book Club

Travel around the world right from your living room. Each month we will read and discuss a novel set in a different country.