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The Anacostia Library will be closed from Monday, July 22 - Sunday, Aug. 4 for a scheduled facilities project. Learn more on the Anacostia Library page.

Approved by Board of Library Trustees May 14, 2020

This policy supersedes the policy adopted by the Board of Library Trustees on May 23, 2007, and amended May 28, 2014.


Since 2007, the Board of Library Trustees has led the transformation of the library campus and recognized the need for a mixed-use real estate project policy to help guide the Library. In 2007, the Board adopted its first mixed-use policy and amended the plan in 2014.

The Board of Library Trustees recognizes the District’s goal and commitment to housing equity. In keeping with the equity objectives outlined in its Facilities Master Plan 2020-2030, the Library will work to support the District’s Comprehensive Plan to ensure all residents can continue to live in the city and benefit from economic, cultural and educational opportunities.

Ensuring the delivery of quality library services and spaces is the primary focus of the Board of Library Trustees when renovating or rebuilding libraries. With that in mind, the Library shall explore and leverage any mixed-use development for future library projects as a means to improve the quality of libraries, increase their accessibility and use, and expand the inventory of affordable housing available to District residents.

Working in collaboration with all relevant District agencies but essentially the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and the District of Columbia Housing Authority, the Board of Library Trustees will welcome appropriate mixed-use opportunities and provide guidance and encouragement to library staff and other relevant parties to ensure that the library system and the community receive the greatest possible benefit.