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The Bellevue/William O. Lockridge Library is closed temporarily for major repairs to the HVAC system. Work has begun and additional parts have been ordered to complete the repairs. The library will reopen once the repairs are complete. The book drop will be locked. Due dates and hold expiration dates will be extended. 

Arthur Capper TechExpress is closed for critical repairs to the HVAC system. The Department of General Services has completed their assessment, identified the issue and ordered the necessary parts. Once the parts arrive, they will require two days to complete the repairs. The earliest that TechExpress will open is Monday, July 1. The Book Return will remain locked. Available holds have been transferred to the Northeast Library. Expiration dates have been extended.

2024 Haiku Contest - Congratulations to this year's winning poets!

This April, DC Public Library celebrated National Poetry Month with the annual Haiku Contest! Now an annual tradition, residents ages 6 and up submit an original haiku to their neighborhood library about something they observed or a moment in D.C., something they are grateful for, their experiences with the seasons, something small and wild, and so much more. Winners were selected by neighborhood libraries based on their categories and age groups. Click on each participating library below to see the winners!

Capitol View Library

Adult Winner

Saturday Afternoon Grilled Cheese
By: Caitlin H.

Fixings? Oh, yes ma'am.
Hot pan sizzle. Dogs perk up.
Salty. Oozing. Crunch.



Teen Winner

By: Kaylionna K.

Like a sun rising
You left my heart colorful
You are my sunshine



Child Winner

By: King S.

Playing with my dog
Outside the cool wind breezy
My dog barks at me

Cleveland Park Library

Adult Winners


By: William L.L.

We all need refuge
Safety and security
Open up your heart



By: Sunayna P.

Road is uneven
I will make my home one day
Guided by the heart



By: Brenda M.C.

Blossoms form quickly
Thousands come to see the gift
Suddenly they fall



Teen Winners


By: Reign K.

Lithe minnow darts fast
Stone-faced bass drifts with leisure
White net outruns both



By: Ella A.G.

The birds still sing 
Every morning joyful
A revolution



By: Ella H.

Love cherry blossoms
The beautiful pink tent
will emerge in spring



Child Winners


By: Caroline J.

Bright cherry blossoms
Volcanoes of pink bursts
Everywhere you look



By: Genevieve P.

Moon goes over sun
Once in a lifetime event
Shadows form at peak



By: Josephine A.

When somebody comes
Welcome them with joy and love
Treat them with kindness

Francis A. Gregory Library

Adult Winners

By: Diane H.

My skatemobile is the fastest
The neighborhood boys cannot keep up with
Breezing past them once again.


Miracles Do Happen
By: Robbin E.

I'm stronger than she is,
Wiser by many years of experiences.
Yet SHE rules my world.



Teen Winners

By: Deshawn V.

I’ve seen people cry
I am strong as an angel
No one can stop me


By: Joy G.

Don’t take the eclipse
As a sign of your savior
“Savior” includes I


By: Earl S.

He told the whole truth
trapped behind walls and barbed wire
He is innocent


Dark Souls
By: Marlon H.

Red, burning crossroads
turn to sky-blue ice sculptures
melt to pitch-black souls


By: Za’nyliha T.

There are bullys here
In public, at school, even home.
“Ask for help” – I don’t.



Child Winners

By: Colton F.

I’m always happy
in the dawn and all day long
pleasant, with a smile


One Warm Spring
By: Aniyah S.

I hate brown crayons
Violence turns black when I look
A flash—someone dies

Georgetown Library

Adult Winner

By: Hagar H.

Alone, in the dark 
Forgotten there Forever 
sock in the dryer



Teen Winner

By: Pacey M.

I lay in the grass 
with the hot sun beating down 
my mind free of thoughts.



Child Winner

By: Kannon N.

The sound echoes loud 
the petal falls, fighting wind 
against the silence

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Adult Winners

Category: Shower thoughts/thoughts upon waking

By: Lesa W.

My happy thoughts are
when water from the shower
saturates my mind!


Category: View from the bus/Wandering your ward

By: Mark D.

Magnolias Bloom
And we? Phone-pic artists, once
God lays down his brush


Category: Love for Your Library

By: Renee M.

I need to see you
At least once or twice a week.
Books, necessary


Category: Shrink a story

Jane Eyre
By: Shalini G.

Passionate, yet with honor
character prevails



Teen Winner

Category: Shower thoughts/thoughts upon waking

Ruby Nelle Bridges the Brave
By: Meme B.H.

Ruby Nelle is brave
She stands up for her strong rights
She is still alive


Category: View from the bus/Wandering your ward

By: Merritt C.

The water so flat
Rowers float in a calm
Forever gone.


Category: Love for Your Library

By: Khelpi D.

A spider and pig
The spider writes to save pig
Oh the spider dies


Category: Shrink a story

By: Anijya C.

Orphan's journey told
Love, mystery and struggle
Jane tale, timeless gold



Child Winners

Category: Shower thoughts/thoughts upon waking

By: Josiah S.

Science excites me!
Read a book about science! 
I want to teach please!


Category: View from the bus/Wandering your ward

By: August R.

Outlaw they call you
A cute neighborhood kitty
I wish you were mine


Category: Love for Your Library

By: Zanabella K.

The best place on Earth
is where books are always free
at the library


Category: Shrink a Story

By: Jack O.

Stilton and club come
club finds the heart in tree, yay
heart of happiness

Palisades Library

Adult Winner

By: Nikki N.

"Gesundheit," she said
After the pollen captured
My poor blameless nose



Teen Winner

Severe Summer Storms
By: Meme B.H.

The blue skies turned grey.
Rain pours down to the dry ground.
And all the winds howl.



Child Winner

By: Mila J.

A sun that is bright
confusion in the dark sky
Astonishing eyes

Petworth Library

Adult Winner

By: Tristan B. W.

The bounce of acorns:
no growth without loss –  you must
leave something behind.



Teen Winner

By: Jailyn R.

The flowers fall pretty white
gracing with their fragile sight
from this bloom comes anew



Child Winner

By: Dianna W.

In the chilly air
There is still warmth to be found
Where warmth is, love is

Rosedale Library

Adult Winner

By: Ericka T.

Seedlings sprout through dirt 
and dirt gives way happily
In peaceful union.

Shaw/Watha T. Daniel Library

Adult Winner

By: Amanda S. 

Funky glasses on 
The sun shrinks to a sliver
Crowded Shaw rooftop



Teen Winner

By: Akirah C.

Gentle pink kisses
Stick to me as the wind blows
Cherry tree, fleeting



Child Winner

By: Je’Vian T. 

Feet on the sidewalk
Walking dogs pass me by, woof!
Run, lick, jump, woof! Woof!

Tenley-Friendship Library

Teen Winners


By: Chelsea Z. 

By The River Creek
Two Initials Fading On
A Paper Boat - Splash



By: Meme B.H.

Sunlight Shines The Trees
Every Bee Is Wide Awake
A New Today Starts


3rd (two poems)

By: Maxeen C.

Words Beyond The Cover
Spark My Imagination
I’m In My Own World


Whether It’s A Hug
Or A Deep Conversation
Small Moments Are Joy


4th (two poems)

By:  Magdalena 

Hoping For Anything
The Most Real Of Magic
Keep Going For It


Love Everyone
Yourself, Friends And Family
Even Enemies



Child Winners

Category: Out in Nature


By: Cullen H.

From a great distance 
Branches pierce the sapphire sky 
like dark lightning bolts 


Honorable Mention

By: Sybil E.

Flowers bloom in May 
And animals play all day 
the sun warms my skin 


Honorable Mention

By: Ashwin C.

Monarchs fly around 
Colored flowers everywhere 
Kids respect nature 



Category: Small Joys 


By: Ellie V.

Unnoticed unseen 
But it’s really just a search 
A search flying high 


Honorable Mention

By: Logan S.

The clocks have been set 
winning position, big grin 
their king tips over 


Honorable Mention

By: Astrid H.

I like the rainbows 
When the rainbow comes there is sun 
in little drops of rain 



Category: A Moment of Daily Life 


By: Jack O.

I put glasses on 
look up, the moon eats the sun 
totality now 


Honorable Mention

By: Francesco D.

I see you 
In my dreams... rainbows 
Thinking of you 


Honorable Mention

By: Isabella K.

Electricity comes from clouds 
Japanese sushi served 
Solar eclipse is happening  


Audiences: All Ages
Topic: Celebrations
Type: Stories