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As a massive fan of Halloween, I had often heard the term “creepy” when people described movies, activities, and products associated with the holiday. Out of curiosity, I wondered if any books were available for kids with the word “creepy” in the title. It turns out there are many. Below are a few that I recommend.

These books are available on the DC Public Library website, and Creepy Carrots is also available on eBook and eAudiobook on OverDrive and its app Libby.

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds 

Creepy Carrots book cover

Have you ever felt like someone was following you? Well, that is how Jasper feels. Jasper is a young rabbit who enjoys eating carrots. He uses every opportunity to get carrots. However, the carrots do not like being eaten and choose to watch him closely. This close observance starts to frighten Jasper. How does Jasper combat this fear? What are the carrots doing? Find out when you read this book.

My Creepy Valentine by Arthur Howard 

My Creepy Valentine book cover

Mitzi does not enjoy participating on Valentine’s Day. To her, this holiday goes against her code as a witch. However, a boy named Spencer changes her mind because she develops a crush on him. Thus, Mitzi’s first valentine is dedicated to him. This is a cute story with interesting pictures, especially of the various witches in Mitzi’s family.

A Creepy Countdown by Charlotte Huck 

A Creepy Countdown book cover

Do you want counting to have a more exciting and chilling vibe? If so, this book is for you. This great Halloween read uses creepy images to resemble the number described on each page visually. The detailed artwork is fantastic. A cool thing about this book is that after the count reaches 10, the count is recalled in reverse order. The images are black and white with a minor splash of color. Additionally, the font compliments the pictures and story well.  

Ten Creepy Monsters by Carey F. Armstrong-Ellis 

Ten Creepy Monsters book cover

This book is about various monsters meeting up. During their venture into the night, something happens to each of the monsters. While the reader discovers what happens to the monsters, they learn to count backward from 10. The scenarios experienced by the monsters are hilarious, and the reveal of which monster is left is shocking. A fun adventure and mystery are found in this book.

Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters: A Lullaby by Jane Yolen 

Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters book cover

Have you ever wondered if monsters are like people? In this book, you get to find out everything a monster does, including going to school, playing, and eating. The narrative rhymes, which makes the story fun to read. There are plenty of monsters and background fixtures to observe.

Creepy Castle by John Goodall 

Creepy Castle book cover

This fabulous flip book tells the story of two mice exploring a castle. While exploring, the mice are followed by a stranger. The stranger locks them in one of the rooms in the castle. Check out this book to find out who the stranger is and whether they will escape? Also, there are no words to read. However, the narrative is explained through a series of transition pages that the audience is required to flip.

Six Creepy Sheep by Judith Ross Enderle 

Six Creepy Sheep book cover

The book is about sheep who want to go out on Halloween dressed as ghosts. During their outing, multiple scary events occur, resulting in fewer sheep each time. The costumes of the other animals in the story are interesting, and the party at the end looks fun.  Find out how many sheep make it to the party.

Creepy Customers by Samantha Hay  

Creepy Customers book cover

Steve helps out at his father’s job. While assisting his father, Steve encounters a few fascinating characters. They are dressed in attire usually seen on Halloween. The characters purchase items that suit their needs, such as a hairbrush for a werewolf. Do these interactions make working with dad a fun time for Steve?

Creepy-Crawly Birthday by James Howe 

Creepy-Crawly Birthday book cover

A Bunnicula and Friends book, this story is from the perspective of the Monroes' pets. These pets are happy because it is Toby’s birthday. During these celebrations, the pets get to experience fun activities and have access to food. This birthday year provides a shocking discovery, specifically with the presents. The pets investigate the gifts before the party to soothe their curiosity. What they find will be a fun surprise for the reader.

Creepy Crawly Colors: A Pop-Up Book by Robin Koontz 

Creepy Crawly Colors book cover

This bright and colorful pop-up book introduces readers to different animals that slither and hop. Some of the creepy critters include a mantis, octopus, and snake. The rhyming is great, and readers learn about where these animals live. Additionally, this book is a fun way for readers to learn colors.  

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Author: Brittney T.