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Third Annual Dinosaur Roaring Contest with a picture of a toy t-rex.

DC Public Library heard you roar! This year we once again called on dinosaur fans of all ages to share their best impressions of their dinosaur breed of choice. More than 100 of you shared your killer pterodactyl shrieks, mean tyrannosaurus growls and wicked brontosaurus grunts! 

Participating libraries this year included:

This year we also loved how you spotlighted some iconic D.C. locations! We received submissions featuring the Capitol Building, the National History Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Potomac River, the Historic Congressional Cemetery, the Tenley-Friendship Library, the Shaw/Watha T. Daniel Library and perhaps most appropriately of all - Capitalsaurus Court! Capitalsaurus Court is the site where construction workers found part of a dinosaur vertebra and other bone fragments at First and F Streets SE in 1898. Over the years it has become known informally as "Capitalsaurus." 

See the winning entries for this year's contest in our 2023 video compilation! 


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Dinosaur Roaring Contest Roars It's Way Onto City Cast DC

Hear all about the history of the Dinosaur Roaring Contest on the June 21 episode of the City Cast DC podcast with the founder of the contest, DC Public Library's Elaine Pelton!

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Dinosaur Roaring Contest Featured on Weekend Edition

NPR's Scott Simon talks to contest founder Elaine Pelton about the winning entries in this year's Dinosaur Roaring Contest and Dinosauria Curator Matthew Carrano shares about what dinosaurs really might have sounded like.

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