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Memorial Day Hours

DC Public Library will be open online only on Monday, May 27 in observation of Memorial Day. The DC Public Library is open online for customers 365 days a year! Access digital resources and watch live and pre-recorded virtual programs on Youtube

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Flowers aren't the only thing blooming this spring. Check out these historical romances to enjoy love stories as they blossom.

An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole 

An Extraordinary Union book cover

Elle returns to slavery in order to spy for the Union army because she has a fierce, furious need to change her country for the better. Malcolm is a Pinkerton man going undercover in Virginia to subvert rebel plans against the Union. When the two join forces to stop a far reaching plot that could turn the tide of the war for the Confederacy, can they stop the rebels, stay alive, and have a future together?

Breathless by Beverly Jenkins 

Breathless book cover

Portia manages one of the best hotels in the Arizona territory and she’s not about to give up what she’s earned for a handsome face. When an old family friend returns from years of restless drifting, Portia is drawn to him in ways she’s never before experienced. Can Kent convince Portia to take a chance on him and give him her trust? 

My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh 

My Fake Rake book cover

Grace is happy as a wallflower pursuing science rather than socialization. But when a renowned naturalist catches her fancy, Grace needs something big to attract his notice. Enter her bookish colleague Sebastian. Sebastian agrees to help Grace get noticed by her crush if she helps him with entry into high society by turning him into a proper rogue. As the plan comes to fruition, both realize their goals have changed as their attraction and feelings for each other have grown. But can they admit it to themselves -- let alone each other?

I Dared the Duke by Anna Bennett 

I Dared the Duke book cover

Alexander’s grandmother, the Dowager Duchess, has hired a companion, the wallflower Elizabeth, at the worst possible time since someone is trying to kill Alexander. In an attempt to protect his grandmother, Alexander tries to send her and her new companion away. Too bad Alexander’s terrible reputation has preceded him because Beth thinks he is trying to get rid of the elderly woman. Can Alexander keep his grandmother safe, find out who is trying to harm him, and convince Beth he isn’t the man she’s been led to believe?

Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare 

Do You Want to Start a Scandal book cover

An aristocratic spy is caught in a compromising position -- both personally and professionally -- with a young lady at a country house and her matchmaking mother is thrilled. Can the Marquess finish his mission, protect the lady’s reputation, make her his bride, and not lose his heart? Not if Charlotte, the young lady in question, has anything to say about it -- and he learns quickly that she has quite a lot to say.  

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Author: Melissa N.