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DC Public Library and Capital City Go-Go Partner with Comic Book Colorists to Spark Reading in Kids

The DC Public Library and the Capital City Go-Go basketball team are joining forces to foster a love of reading with "Marvel Mania." The program uses the popularity of comic books and superheroes to engage early and reluctant readers.

On Thursday, March 21, the Library will host "Marvel Mania: Meet Marvel Colorists at the Library!" a family program featuring renowned comic book colorists Stephanie Williams and Chris Sotomayor. Williams, a scientist turned comic book creator, has an impressive portfolio, including "Nubia and the Amazons" and "Wakanda #1." Sotomayor has worked on top titles for major publishers and operates a mentorship program for aspiring comic book artists. The event will feature a Q&A with the colorists, moderated by David Betancourt, a Washington, D.C., native and author of "The Avengers Assembled: The Origin Story of Earth's Mightiest Heroes." Attendees will enjoy family-oriented activities, receive family packs for MARVEL SUPERHERO DAY with the Capital City Go-Go, and take home a limited edition of Marvel's Captain America comic book featuring Capital City Go-Go players.

"Marvel Mania: Meet Marvel Colorists at the Library!" will be held at two library locations:

 "Marvel Mania" continues with “Marvel Superhero Day” at the Capital City Go-Go basketball game on March 24. Game attendees will watch the Go-Go compete. A Marvel character will also be in attendance and the first 1,500 fans will receive a limited-edition Marvel comic book featuring Go-Go players as superheroes.

This joint initiative supports the Library’s STAR: Books from Birth program, which ensures access to age-appropriate reading materials and instills a love of books from a young age by providing free books to children under five every month. The partnership with the Capital City Go-Go underscores the intersection of entertainment and education.

Comics and graphic novels are a powerful educational tool, particularly for young children and reluctant readers. The vibrant illustrations and dynamic layouts capture attention and offer an engaging alternative to text-heavy books. Early readers can benefit from visual storytelling, where the narrative structures of panels and speech bubbles build crucial visual literacy skills. For reluctant readers, the combination of captivating artwork and concise text creates a more manageable reading experience. The fast-paced nature and diverse range of genres available in comics and graphic novels can spark an interest in reading that traditional formats might not. Ultimately, the blend of visuals and storytelling fosters a love of reading, allowing individuals of all ages and preferences to read for pleasure.

To learn more about MARVEL SUPERHERO DAY, Sunday, March 24 at 3 pm at Entertainment & Sports Arena, visit 


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