A New Way to Find Books to Read

Benning/Dorothy I. Height Library

A New Way to Find Books to Read

Books and Authors allows you to search by character, subject, location and/or time period.

For example, if you choose detective, adventure and the 2000s decade, you will find Michael Connelly’s A Darkness More than Night: A Novel, about a former FBI profiler who “agrees to try his hand at identifying a murderer whose modus operandi suggests he may be a budding serial killer.”  You will also find the John Deal series by Les Standiford, a series of action thrillers that feature “gritty private detective John Deal who, often aided by police detective Vernon Driscoll, faces a wide array of dangers including terrorists and other assorted criminal types. Most of the cases are somehow related to government intrigue.”

If you searched on cheerleader and U.S., you’d find All-American Girl by Meg Cabot, about three sisters, one cheerleader, one gifted, and one (Samantha) who dyes her hair and clothes black.  Sam accidentally saves the president’s life, leading to a hilarious adventure, including a date with the president’s son.  You’ll also find Dead Connection by Charlie Price about a shy loner (Murray) who talks to children and teenagers buried in the local cemetery. One day Murray hears a voice he thinks is the cheerleader missing from his high school.

On the other hand, if you search for acrobat, aardvark, Africa and the 1930s, you won’t find much to read!