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DC Public Library is open online only on Friday, Apr. 12 so that DC Public Library Staff may participate in our annual Staff Professional Development Day. As a reminder, the DC Public Library is open 24/7, 365 days a year online! You can sign up for a Library Card, watch virtual programs, check out books and magazines, stream movies and music, work on your resume, get homework help and so much more.

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Archive-It is the web archive of The People's Archive that documents the culture and history of Washington, D.C. Archive-It captures a website as it appeared on the day the website was crawled for preservation. Web archives are useful to see how a website changed over time or to access a website that may no longer exist. Archive-It allows you to navigate through the captured website but does not provide access to outside linked content. For example, if a captured website links out to social media, you will not be able to access the content. Some interactive applications like maps, charts, or videos are difficult to crawl and may not appear as expected.

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