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Finally, someone mashed up a graphic novel and a cookbook!

I'm a sucker for a good graphic memoir - cartoonists using the narrative tools of comics to explore their personal experiences.

'No Choir Boy'

Meeting Teenagers on Death Row

What is the worst thing that you've ever done?

What I Learned About Cicadas

Brood 2 is Coming!

People are starting to talk about the cicadas coming again to D.C., but what do we really know about about this impending swarmageddon? They say that the bugs come every 17 years, but many of us remember cicadas descending on D.C. more recently than that. So what is the answer?Historic newspapers!!!

Tween Book Club Selection

Check out "The Graveyard Book" for May!

Nobody “Bod” Owens is your typical kid. He’s got a mom and dad and tons of friends. There’s just one twist: He lives in a graveyard and every one he knows is a ghost, with the exception of his guardian who is neither fully dead, nor fully alive. His days are filled with mysterious adventures, from fighting ghouls to learning how to properly fade and haunt. 

Job Seekers Clinic

Job Seekers is a weekly clinic at the Southeast Library that offers help, skill building and resources for individuals of all industries, including cover letters, resume writing and reviews, interview coaching, job search strategies and computer skills.

April Tween Book Club

Celebrate Poetry Month with a Special Trivia Night!

When Kim Há’s mother visits a fortuneteller for Vietnamese New Year, he tells her that her family’s lives will “twist inside out.”  Naively, 10-year-old Há hopes that this means her hometown of Saigon will not see any fighting from the Vietnam War and perhaps, her missing father of nine years will return.  However as fate would have it, the fighting continues to rage

Breathing Room

Breathing Room is a novel about life in Washington, DC in the late 20th century.  When the Southeast Book Club met last month to discuss and critique this book, the group was excited about reading a book with a familiar set

Documentary Film Series

The Cove

Join us on Monday, April 8 at 1 p.m. for a screening of the documentary film The Cove.

Libraries Build Communities

With technological advancements of the past few decades, many have predicted the end of the public library. But with the explosion of information on the Internet, the public library as a place will continue to play a vital role in its community.

Noted Nigerian Writer, Chinua Achebe, dies

One of Africa’s most prolific and renowned writers, Chinua Achebe, died on March 22, 2013 at 82 after a brief illness. At the epoch of his career was the publication of his masterpiece, Things Fall Apart in 1958.