DC Public Library Strategic Plan

DC Public Library Strategic Plan

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DC Public Library wants to better understand how we can meet the changing needs of D.C. residents. Through our strategic planning process, we hope to respond to the evolving ways people access and process information in the 21st Century, while preserving so many of the vital resources and timeless services our users have come to count on.

The strategic plan, informed by the broader D.C. community, will serve as a roadmap for the library in the coming years. It will help guide the Library Board and Staff in planning and decision-making for future library services.

Graphic: 75-5-5 Understanding that participation with the library may be the best indicator of its value to the community, the Library will know that it has been successful if by 2022View the full Strategic Plan (PDF) or select from items below:

Executive Summary (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)

Methodology and Key Findings (PDF)

Vision for the Next Five Years (PDF)


Support new readers and cultivate
a love of reading.
The Library will provide services and programs that build and cultivate literacy and a love of reading.
Digital Citizenship
Prepare residents for life online.
Support digital citizenship by providing technology, internet access, and training.
Strong Communities
Ensure neighborhood libraries are vital centers of community learning and civic engagement.
Strengthen communities through services, programs, outreach and increased use of the Library’s physical campus.
Local History and Culture
Foster understanding and appreciation of what makes D.C. unique.
Connect residents to the District’s past, present and future by providing access to, experiences in, and support for local history and culture

Achieving the Plan - Stewardship

Acknowledgements (PDF)


Learn more about the Strategic Planning Process. If you have questions about the DC Public Library strategic planning process, please contact Judi Greenberg, Director of Strategic Planning, at judi.greenberg@dc.gov.

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