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Tuesday Night Movies

Dec. 1 Trainwreck Hilarious romantic comedy with commitment-phobic Amy Schumer, who just might find love. Starring Bill Hader, Brie Larson and LeBron James. Directed by Judd Apatow. 125 minutes.  2015.  R Dec. 8  Minions Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm are the villainous voices trying to take over the world in this animated blockbuster. Directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin.  91 minutes. 2015. PG  Dec. 15 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Playtime by Jaques TatiCriterion Collection

Heroes of Cinema - Playtime

Are you a film buff? Are you looking to nurture your budding love of film? Come join a monthly discussion of a film from DC Public Library's new and exciting online streaming resource: the Criterion Collection
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Film Screening

The library will partner with St. Mary's Court for a screening of of The Displaced Person from the American Short Story Collection as seen on PBS and adapted from the short story of the same name by Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964), starring Irene Worth, Lane Smith, and Samuel L.

Adult Mid-Day Premiere -Madea Goes to Jail

Madea is back at it again! Only this time she goes to jail. After a high-speed car chase and  assault on several police officers, Madea winds up behind bars because her quick temper and loud mouth. Assistant District Attorney Josh Hardaway lands a case that's too personal to handle. Join us to find out how she ended up being released from prison.

Adult Mid-Day Premiere-Man In The Iron Mask

France is under the reign of a cruel, merciless, self-centered King, who spends the majority of his time declaring a war against the Dutch. This vindictive king distributes rotten food to the rioting citizens of Paris, seduces women, and . Raoul, son of Athos (One of the Three Musketeers) is escorting the woman he loves, Christine Bellefort, when the vicious king becomes attracted to her, and plots to eliminate Raoul by putting him on the front lines of the ongoing war. Join us for our Movie Premiere.  
Terminator: Genisys

Saturday Movies with Tracy: Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys: When John Connor, leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect his mother Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline.  And it is a very fractured timeline indeed.
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Saturday Movies with Tracy: The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 1

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is the epic beginning of the end for the blockbuster Hunger Games film adaptations.
Age of ultron

Saturday Movies with Tracy: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of UltronWhen Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it's up to Earth's Mightiest Heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.
A Hunger Games Series Logo Lying in the Dirt

Hunger Games Release Party!

Stop by the Teen Space all day for crafts and trivia from the trilogy, or just to watch the movies!
Citizen KING

Citizen KING: Film & Discussion with the William O. Lockridge/ Bellevue Library

Unite with the William O. Lockridge/ Bellevue Library as we celebrate the incredible history of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.