Model of the human figure

Biotensegrity Discussion

Biotensegrity asks why the tendons, ligaments, and other material that hold our skeletons together are important. Susan Lowell of Tenleytown T'ai Chi will lead the discussion. She has studied kinesthetic learning, t'ai chi, and other forms of movement for over thirty years. 
Joe Riener Book 1Joe Riener Book 2

Author Talk: Joe Riener

Join author Joe Riener for his author talk on his informative pair of nonfiction titles concerning his high school teaching career.   Both volumes assert that high school students are quite capable of considering powerful intellectual and emotional matters from the literature they read. This book seeks to honor the noble humanity of young people, despite the many assaults on their dignity in our culture.   
Edward FitzGeraldOmar Khayyam

Poetry Discussion with Pete MacDonald

Please join us in Room A-3  to hear Mr. MacDonald's discussion of the two poets behind the English-speaking world's introduction to a landmark work of literature.
Just Another Southern Town cover

Just Another Southern Town, Discussion with Author Joan Quigley

Local author Joan Quigley will be discussing her latest book, Just Another Southern Town : Mary Church Terrell and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Nation's Capital at Chevy Chase Library on April 16th at 2 p.m.     
Commemorative U.S. postage stamp issued in 1999.

Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing Democracy’s Great Outdoors

The Peabody Room (3rd floor) presents Jamie Stiehm, a Creators Syndicate columnist and contributor to USNews.com, who will discusses how America’s first landscape architect made the U.S. Capitol’s grounds, gardens and veranda sing of democracy.  
CR Gibbs DC Emancipation 2016

Before Emancipation: Slavery and Freedom in the District of Columbia, 1790-1862

In honor of D.C. Emancipation Day, noted, local, award-winning international lecturer, author and historian of the African Diaspora, C.R. Gibbs will present a lecture  entitled,  DC Emancipation entitled, “Before Emancipation: Slavery and Freedom in the District of Columbia, 1790-1862. The program will be held on Wednesday, April 15, at  7 p.m.
"Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, DC"

Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, D.C.

Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, D.C. Author Mike Canning surveys how American cinema has treated both Washington, DC and its politics that offers intriguing insights into its history and lore. Peabody Room Author Talk (3rd floor)  
Poetry ReadingBarrett Warner - PoetDon Illich - Poet

Poetry Reading

We continue to celebrate Nation Poetry Month with two readings from well-known local poets, Barrett Warner and Donald Illich on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 7:00 pm.
Photo of book jacket for "Visas that Rocked the World"

Visas that Rocked the World: An Evening with Author J. Michael Springmann

Author J. Michael Springmann will discuss his book and its exploration of conflict in Afghanistan, intelligence, and jihadist terrorism. Springmann is a retired U.S. Diplomat who has extensive knowledge of the Middle East. Copies of the book will be available for purchase.   
John W. Franklin

Telling Our Story to the World

On April 16, 1862, President Lincoln signed the DC Compensated Emancipation Act of 1862.  The Law freed 3,100 slaves and reimbursed slaveholders. It also set the stage for festive rejoicing, as former bondsmen and their descendants celebrated Emancipation Day in the nation's capital through parades and other commemorative events since 1862.