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Assistive technology helps people with disabilities complete everyday tasks, from using their cell phone to reading their mail. Through the Center for Accessibility (C4A), we help train and educate individuals on the use of assistive technologies through classes, demo sessions, and presentations. 

Classes offered throughout the year include JAWS for PC computers, using iOS VoiceOver (found on iPhone, iPad and Mac computers), and Android TalkBack. We also offer sessions focused on the latest assistive technologies, including discussions with guest speakers. Please sign up for the C4A newsletter for the latest times and dates for our classes.

Additionally, all public library computers have Fusion, JAWS, and ZoomText, which are screen reading and computer magnification softwares used by blind and low vision users. Desktop magnifiers, also referred to as CCTV readers, are offered at some branches. Other assistive technologies are available at the C4A including a SARA Scanner (a self-contained scanning and reading instrument), various types of magnifiers, and a videophone. 

Please scroll down for a list of current adaptive equipment and software in C4A and at other branches, 

This guide will be updated as often as possible. Please reach out to your preferred location to verify current equipment and services.

Available Assistive Technology and Locations

American Sign Language - Language Line Service

  • Image
    Sign for Language Line Solutions

    Through the Language Line service, those who are deaf or hard of hearing have instant access to a remote ASL interpreter to communicate with staff

    • Cleveland Park
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
    • Northeast

Audio Loops

  • Image
    Symbol for audio loop with a drawing of an ear with sound going through it.

    An audio loop system or hearing loop (induction loop) assists patrons who are hard of hearing or deaf with assistive listening. The system takes the source of the sound from a microphone and transfers it to a hearing aid or cochlear implant or receiver with a headset. Patrons who need assistive listening and do not have a hearing aid or cochlear implant or personal device with a T-coil can borrow a receiver to pick up the sound.

    • Capital View
    • Cleveland Park
    • Lamond-Riggs
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
      • A-Level (in front of Large screen)
      • Great Hall
      • Auditorium
    • Palisades
    • West End
    • Woodridge

*Check with Library branch for exact location of the audio loop system. It will usually be in the branch's large meeting room.


  • Image
    A desktop size magnifier to enlarge print

    A device to increase the size, contrast, and brightness of anything you wish to read. Magnifies up to 16x!

    • Anacostia
    • Bellevue (William O. Lockridge)
    • Chevy Chase
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
      • Center for Accessibility
      • Adult Non-Fiction Reading Room
    • Northeast
    • Palisades 
    • Rosedale
    • Shaw (Watha T. Daniel)
    • Tenley-Friendship


  • Screenreader and enlarging software designed to make navigating computers possible for blind and low vision users
    • Available at every Library location
      Image of the desktop icons for JAWs, Fusion, and Zoomtext

Large Print Keyboard

  • Image
    Large print keyboard with yellow keys

    Whether its large black print on a yellow keys or large white print on black keys, a user with low vision will find using this keyboard easier than a standard keyboard. 

    • Available at every Library Location 



  • Image
    A small device with a microphone and headphones

    This device amplifies sound and includes an extender for the microphone. Includes a headset for listening and is ideal for users who are hard of hearing.

    • One device is available at every Library location


  • Image
    Ubiduo made of two keyboards and two small screens

    A 2-way typing device ideal for those who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with Library staff. 

    • Georgetown
    • Lamond-Riggs (Lillian J. Huff)
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library 
    • Northeast
    • Palisades
    • Shepard Park (Juanita E. Thornton)
    • Southeast
    • Southwest
    • Tenley-Friendship
    • Woodridge


Image of a videophone
  • Designed for those who communicate in ASL to call other Videophone users
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
      • Center for Accessibility
      • 1st Floor Computer Lab

Available Equipment & Technology at the Center for Accessibility

This list is inclusive of equipment found in the Center for Accessibility on the 2nd Floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library:

  • Braille embosser (Staff may print up to 100 Braille pages for members of the public)
  • CCTV/Desktop Magnifiers
  • JAWS/ZoomText/Fusion
  • Language Line Remote ASL Interpretation
  • Large print keyboards
  • Pocketalker
  • OCR Scanners (document scanner that converts printed text to speech)
    • Optelec ClearReader + 
    • SARA scanner
  • UbiDuo
  • Videophone

More Services Provided by The Center For Accessibility

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Two women on a video call speaking America Sign Language

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