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Service Alert

The Bellevue/William O. Lockridge Library is closed temporarily for major repairs to the HVAC system. Work has begun and additional parts have been ordered to complete the repairs. The library will reopen once the repairs are complete. The book drop will be locked. Due dates and hold expiration dates will be extended. 

Arthur Capper TechExpress is closed for critical repairs to the HVAC system. The Department of General Services has completed their assessment, identified the issue and ordered the necessary parts. Once the parts arrive, they will require two days to complete the repairs. The earliest that TechExpress will open is Monday, July 1. The Book Return will remain locked. Available holds have been transferred to the Northeast Library. Expiration dates have been extended.

Printing, copying, scanning and limited computer access are available at all DC Public Library locations.


All library locations have a limited number of computers available for customer use. Customers can sign up for unlimited 70-minute full sessions per day or multiple 15-minute express sessions throughout the day. Access is first come first serve at all locations. 


Customers can print in person, by using a computer at one of the open locations, or by using the remote printing option. Remote printing allows customers to send documents electronically for printing at the above libraries.

Remote Printing
All remote print jobs must be sent via email. Media storage devices, such as a USB stick containing documents, will not be accepted at any location. All emails and attachments will be deleted after 48 hours.

1. Customers must send their print jobs to the email of the desired pick-up location.

2. The subject line must contain only the word “PRINT”. 

3. Customers may print up to 20 pages per day, and there is no cost.

4. Customers have 48 hours after sending their email to retrieve their print job.

5. Printing is available everyday. 

6. Print jobs sent on Thursday and Friday will be available until closing on Monday.

7. For verification, please provide the email address of your print job to library staff when you are at your selected pick-up location.

8. Staff will retrieve your print job. 

9. Documents will be printed as-is. All prints will be made on 8.5” x 11” paper, double-sided. Be sure to double-check your prints before you send them. Staff will make no formatting changes or edits.

Copying and Scanning​ 

  • Customers can copy or scan 20 pages per day, and there is no cost.
  • Copying and scanning services are self-service.
  • Scans may route to the customer’s/recipient’s “Junk” folder depending on your email service provider. Please check that folder if the scan does not end up in your inbox.

With a library card or DC One Card, customers can print up to 20 pages, per library account, per day for free. Those pages can be in color or black and white.

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Staff at any location can help with public computers, printing, and scanning.