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Service Alert

The Bellevue/William O. Lockridge Library is closed temporarily for major repairs to the HVAC system. Work has begun and additional parts have been ordered to complete the repairs. The library will reopen once the repairs are complete. The book drop will be locked. Due dates and hold expiration dates will be extended. 

Arthur Capper TechExpress is closed for critical repairs to the HVAC system. The Department of General Services has completed their assessment, identified the issue and ordered the necessary parts. Once the parts arrive, they will require two days to complete the repairs. The earliest that TechExpress will open is Monday, July 1. The Book Return will remain locked. Available holds have been transferred to the Northeast Library. Expiration dates have been extended.

Getting permission to publish our materials depends on their copyright status and the intended use. You do not need permission for fair use or public domain materials. See more information below, or contact us with any questions.


If under copyright, using materials may require getting permission from the copyright holder or rights granter. Exceptions include materials in the public domain or intended for fair use. 

The library is not responsible for determining copyright status or securing copyright permission, but we are here to help and will share any information we have. Possession of a copy of an image, audio, or video does not constitute permission to use it.

Learn more about copyright from the Library of Congress.

Fair Use

You do not need to receive permission from a copyright holder if you are using materials for research, teaching, reporting, government use, business reports, or personal display. The amount of a work being used may affect whether it will fall under fair use.

Learn more about fair use from the U.S. Copyright Office.  

Public Domain

Items are in public domain if the copyright has expired, often 95 years after a work is created. A creator can also forfeit their right to copyright, in which case the work goes directly into the public domain.

High Resolution Scans

Order a high resolution scan by filling out and e-mailing our permission form or documentary permission form

If the file is already scanned, the reproduction fee will be waived. You can see previously scanned material in Dig DC, our repository for digitized archival materials.

To publish, display, or broadcast materials from The People's Archive you already have, please fill out the appropriate permission form. Usage fees may apply. 


Low Resolution Scans and Copies

Customers are encouraged to use personal cameras during visits to the archive. Staff will also scan or copy up to 20 pages of our materials for free. Files will be e-mailed as PDFs, or available for pick up.

Selected digitized materials from The People's Archive can be found on Dig DC. Medium or low resolution files can be downloaded. 


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