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Have an upcoming DIY project? Discover what you can do with the brand new Tool Library DIY Space at the Labs at MLK Library! Save money and storage space and use the tools you need right here at the library. The space is opening on a trial basis on Sundays.  The Tool Library DIY space is available by reservation only. Completing a Labs Participant Release Form (bring library card and valid photo ID) and reviewing Safety Guidelines are required before use.

  • Occupancy is capped at two (2) library users at a time. 
  • 90-minute slot increments on Sundays. Users can make up to three appointments a month. 
  • Users can bring in a limited variety of non-powered hand tools from home to use in the space alongside the tool library items. 
  • Library users will inform staff when they are done using the space. Staff will inspect tools and return items to their proper storage location.
Tools Available in the Tool Library DIY Space Tools Permitted in the Tool Library DIY Space
Tape Measure Drills
12" Combination Square Sanders with Attached Bag for Device
Protractor Acrylic Paint
Rafter Square Screwdrivers
2' Bubble Level Wrenches (Ratchet, Open End, Torque)
9" Bubble Level Hammers (No Sledge Hammers)
Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set Nails and Screws
Allen Wrench Set Hand Saw
Crescent Adjustable Wrench Set Measuring Tools
Rip Hammer Pliers
Screwdriver Set Hex Keys
9.5" Tongue and Groove Pliers Mallets
9" Vise Grips Clams and Vises
Repair Toolkit for Electronics Chiselsand Files
Smart Phone Repair Kit Punches and Nail Setters
  Soldering Irons
  Heat Guns

Schedule a 90-minute Tool Library DIY Space Reservation

Audiences: Adults
Type: DIY/Makers
Image of assorted tools, including hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers

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