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While Colleen Hoover or, CoHo, typically writes for an adult or new adult audience, her books have captured young adult readers as well. Recently, her stories have especially spread like wildfire on TikTok reaching teen readers. Once they’ve burned through the pages, many are left wondering: What do I read next? If that describes you, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Fall in love with one of these books, perfect for Colleen Hover fans looking for the same kind of compelling, suspenseful stories CoHo is known for but with a teen angle.

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry book cover

Brittany’s life is perfect -- at least, that’s what she’s got everyone to believe. So when she’s paired with gang member Alex for science class, she knows she has to stay guarded to maintain that image of perfection. But before long, Alex has her questioning whether it’s worth keeping up appearances of a perfect homelife and relationship. Because maybe, with Alex, the imperfect could actually be perfect. Also available as an eBook.

Bad Boy by Dream Jordan 

Bad boy book cover

After making it out of the foster system for a brief time, Kate is heartbroken to find herself in it once again. With no one to turn to, she soon begins a relationship with Percy, who is good-looking, but Kate isn’t so sure he can be fully trusted. After a seemingly loving start to their relationship, Kate understands she’s in an inescapable cycle of manipulation with Percy pulling all the strings. Now, Kate must find a way back to herself before there is nothing left of herself to return to.

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry 

Pushing the limits book cover

Echo has a secret that even she doesn’t know and it has brought her from being a popular golden girl to a lost outcast. But Noah, who isn’t known for playing by society’s rules, takes notice and offers Echo refuge and support. Their attraction is soon undeniable, but with tumultuous pasts, to be together is impossible. Still, Echo and Noah can’t help but think they’re meant to be together anyway. And this just might be Echo’s chance to find her way back to living again. Also available as an ebook.

Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia 

Broken Beautiful Hearts book cover

Peyton Rios is going places and soccer is taking her there -- until a revelation about her boyfriend ends in her at the bottom of a flight of stairs with a shattered knee and the end of her soccer career as she knows it. But did Peyton fall or was she pushed? Everyone wants to know and only Peyton knows what really happened. Looking toward the future, Peyton heads to Tennessee to live with her uncle and leave the rumors and a broken heart behind. And before long, she’s falling again -- but are Owen and his secrets worth more trouble?

If I Lie by Corrine Jackson 

If I Lie book cover

Quinn has made possibly the biggest mistake of her life, cheating on her boyfriend Carey. Even if Carey wouldn’t find out, thousands of miles away serving in Afghanistan. But Quinn is soon the talk of her small military town and now Carey is MIA. With secrets holding her back, Quinn can’t explain herself to the gossipers and now she’s got to decide if she’s willing to do what it takes to look after Carey and herself.

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About the Author: Abby H

Abby is a New-Hampshire-grown Teen Librarian at Southwest Neighborhood Library. In addition to writing book lists for DC Public Library, she's written for Book Riot, School Library Journal, Library Journal, Booklist, and other professional library and bookish publications. She reads broadly, but often enjoys literary young adult fiction, contemporary young adult fiction, and young adult fantasy. She lives in Virginia with her husband and her cat, Oopsilon