With Love, from Colleen

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With Love, from Colleen

Books for fans of Colleen Hoover


If you’ve read all of Colleen Hoover, you don’t have to say to the last book of hers you read, “It Ends with Us.Maybe Someday she will publish another, but in Verity, I Confess there are lots of other authors you may have just as much Ugly Love for. Whether it’s January 1 or November 9, it’s not Too Late to check out any of these books. There are only seven on this list, because we didn’t want you to be Slammed, but don’t be Regretting[,] You can always ask your librarian for more recommendations. So if you’re Losing Hope, know that This Girl isn’t Without Merit. She’s prepared this list whether you’ve finished Colleen Hoover’s entire catalog or are on the holds lists for her books and need something just as thrilling and steamy to read in the meantime.

Trade Me by Courtney Milan
Living on a tight budget is Tina’s norm, no matter how badly she wants to ease the burden for her parents and herself. So when billionaire and future owner of Cyclone Technology Blake offers her a lifestyle trade after a heated exchange, it’s sort of a dream. Suddenly, Tina has a life of luxury -- more disposable income than she knows what to do with, a beautiful house, and a killer car while Blake takes on the unforgiving life of just getting by. But soon, Tina and Blake are sharing more than just their lives, but whispers in the dark and more. Also available as an ebook.

After by Anna Todd
Always on the straight and narrow, Tessa has a whole lot going for her when she heads off to college. Then she meets Hardin, who is her opposite in every way. Tessa is lightness where Hardin is darkness and they should hate each other, but there’s something about Hardin that pulls Tessa in. Soon, Tessa is in a tug of war with her heart as Hardin toys with Tessa and she can’t forget her boyfriend at home -- but she also can’t forget how Hardin makes her feel. Also available as an ebook. Check out the movie, too!

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
After graduating from college, Mia just wants to let loose. When she ends up in Vegas to celebrate, Mia finds herself on a one-night stand. Except maybe it’s longer than one night as Mia finds herself questioning what she wants from her life and future. Taking off for the summer with Ansel for some fun sounds like a great idea -- until Mia catches feelings and things start to turn serious. Also available as an ebook.

It Happens All the Time by Amy Hatvany
Best friends Amber and Tyler have always stuck by each other’s side, even while Tyler held onto a desire for something more. Now a new college graduate and engaged, Amber returns home for the summer, where she and Tyler can reconnect. Everything is like old times -- until a discussion about Amber’s future and a bit of alcohol leads to Tyler kissing Amber. Now, Amber must confront her decisions and whether she can face a change of heart.

Tell Me Lies by Carola Lovering
Sometimes it’s the right person but the wrong time. And sometimes it’s just the wrong person. On the other side of the country from where she grew up for college, Lucy meets Stephen. Determined to make a new start, she puts aside his arrogance and abrasive nature while leaning into exploring life with him. But Stephen has a secret past that could break them apart. And Lucy has some healing of her own to do before she can commit to loving someone else fully. Also available as an ebook.

Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin
Caleb’s life is just as it should be -- until he meets a woman in a red dress. Veronica’s life is a disaster -- until she meets Caleb. When they agree to an arrangement that places Veronica at Caleb’s place, Caleb can’t deny the draw he feels to Veronica. But for once, Caleb can’t just simply have what he wants. 

He Will Be My Ruin by K. A. Tucker
After Maggie’s best friend dies by suicide, she arrives at Celine’s home to gather what remains of Celine’s life. But soon, a discovery has Maggie asking more questions. A mystery man not even Maggie knew about has come to light, and Maggie isn’t sure that he’s entirely innocent. Now, Maggie is determined to find out the truth, even if it means becoming a target herself. Also available in large print.