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The Anacostia Library will be closed from Monday, July 22 - Sunday, Aug. 4 for a scheduled facilities project. Learn more on the Anacostia Library page.

Solicitation No. DCPL-2024-R-0042

Issue Date:  4/29/24
Site Visit:  5/13/24 at 10:00 a.m. EDT
Questions Due:  5/17/24 by 5:00 p.m. EDT
Proposal Submission Date:  5/28/24 by 2:00 p.m. EDT


DCPL-2024-R-0042 RFP

Attachment J.1 Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library Roof Replacement and HVAC Replacement Specifications and Drawings

Attachment J.2 Project Manual for Roof Replacement and HVAC Replacement at the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library

Attachment J.3 Subcontracting Plan Form

Attachment J.4 Bid Form for Roof Replacement and HVAC Replacement at the Mt. Pleasant Library

Attachment J.5 Government of the District of Columbia Public Library Standard Contract Provisions for Supply, Service, Architect/Engineer and Construction Solicitations and Contracts dated October 2009

Attachment J.6 Department of Employment Services First Source Employment Agreement and Revised First Source Employment Plan

Attachment J.7 Davis Bacon Wage Determination DC20240002 Modification Number No. 3 dated 4/5/2024   

Attachment J.8 2024 Living Wage Notice and Fact Sheet  

Attachment J.9 Gender Identity and Expression Policy and Fact Sheet

Attachment J.10 Equal Employment Opportunity Information Report

Attachment J.11 Bidder/Offeror Certification Form

Attachment J.12 Contractor’s Past Performance Evaluation Form

Attachment J.13 Cost/Price Disclosure Form

Attachment J.14 Campaign Finance Reform Act Self-Certification

Attachment J.15 Offer Bond Form

Attachment J.16 Offer/Bid Guaranty Certification  

Attachment J.17 Release of Lien Forms

Attachment J.18 Certification to Furnish Payment and Performance Bond

Attachment J.19 Payment and Performance Bond Forms

Amendment A01

Attachment J.20 Combined Mechanical and Plumbing Set - 5-1-24

Attachment J.21 - Project Manual for Updated MEP Specifications - 5-3-24

Sheet

Amendment A02


Audiences: All Ages
Topic: Partnerships