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DC Public Library continues to advance the goal of building strong communities and ensuring neighborhood libraries are vital centers of community learning and civic engagement.

In 2018, the D.C. Council authorized the DC Public Library as an official voter registration agency. Beginning in 2019, District residents who apply for a new library card and existing customers who have to change their address or renew their library card privilege will be asked if they would like to register to vote and will be offered assistance should they choose yes. Customers can also indicate if they are already registered or decline to register to vote. Regardless of a customer’s response, the quality of service received at any DC Public Library will not be affected, and the Library will continue to be a place open to all.

As an official voter registration agency, District residents can visit any DC Public Library location and request to register to vote without applying for a new library card or being an existing customer.

If you would like additional information about voting in D.C., please visit the Board of Elections website.

Voting is accessible to all, explore these resources for additional assistance.

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