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Jewish American Heritage Month 2024

This May, celebrate the rich history of Jewish contributions to American culture during National Jewish American Heritage Month. First observed in 2006, Jewish American Heritage Month is a wonderful opportunity to lift up the accomplishments of people across the diaspora as we check out great books recommended by the Lillian and Albert Small Capital Jewish Museum, dive into the roots of Jewish history in Washington, D.C. at events, stream movies and music by Jewish creators and more.

The Jewish American History of Washington D.C.

6th and I Synagogue photographed in 1953.

Monday, May 6, 7 p.m. | Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

You're invited to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library for an exploration of the history of Jewish Washington, D.C. Join Sarah Leavitt, PhD, Curator of the Lillian and Albert Small Capital Jewish Museum as she uncovers the narratives and legacies that have profoundly influenced the identity of the capital city. Leavitt, who has spent the last several years writing this history for the new museum, will trace the varied stories of Jewish Washingtonians as grocers, government workers, agitators, developers, community builders, and more. Following the lecture, an interactive conversation led by Arno Rosenfeld, Enterprise Reporter at The Forward will take place. He'll deep dive into the discussed topics and facilitate audience participation through Q&A sessions.

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Books for Adults

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Great Reads to Celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month

This May, a young reader reached out and asked for a reading list for Jewish American Heritage Month! The library realized that it had not yet shared a list for this special month that recognizes Jewish-American families here in D.C. and across the nation. This list is specially curated for young readers. Jewish-American readers will be able to see themselves reflected in the stories and others will be able to identify with the characters as they learn about and better understand the experiences they go through.

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