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Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt

Poetry Puzzles

A book scavenger hunt for kids

April is National Poetry Month and we are celebrating all month long at Cleveland Park with a poetry-themed scavenger hunt! Starting April 1, participants will use their inner sleuth to search through the library to find hidden clues. Each clue will have a title of a book as well as a call number. Find each book on the shelf and match it to its description on the questionnaire to win a prize. Come to the service desk to get the questionnaire and more information. You can start the hunt any time the library is open during the month of April.

Doomsday book

Classical Chronicles

Historical fiction set in anitquity

One of the interesting aspects of historical fiction is how many layers it has. A person who likes Victorian romances may not be interested in a civil war saga. I like to dabble in a few subsets of the genre, but most of my all time favorites are all set in ancient to medieval history. As such, the following list includes a sampling of books that fall into that category.


Zany Miscellany

Chapter books with unconventional humor

One of the trickier reference questions I get as a children's librarian is "I'm looking for a funny book". Although laughter is universal, what makes us laugh is entirely subjective and I find it very difficult to recommend "funny" books unless I know the person's personality really well. This list illustrates my point - it is filled with children's books that I find hilarious while recognizing that the humor contained within is far from mainstream.


2017 Black History Month Lecture Series

Presented by C. R. Gibbs

Please join C. R. Gibbs, noted author and researcher, who will present a series of lectures at several DC Public Libraries throughout the month of February in honor of Black History Month.  All presentations will begin at 7:00 p.m.   "Crossing the Rubicon: The Battle for Black Public Education in the District of Columbia"


"The Crisis in Black Education"

Black History Month Lecture Series with C. R. Gibbs

C. R. Gibbs, author and researcher will give a series of two lectures at four DC Public Library's during Black History Month in February 2017. His topics will focus on the theme of "The Crisis in Black Education"  and what historical impact it has had on Washington DC and beyond.

Marvin Jones photo

Aunt Betty and Fort Stevens

Local film producer Marvin T. Jones will screen his documentary "Aunt Betty and Fort Stevens," telling the story of Elizabeth Proctor Thomas, a free African-American woman who owned land in Washington, D.C., the story of a free woman of color who, despite losing her farm during the Civil War, becomes a heroine in her Washington, D.C. community.  At one the worst moments in her life she was comforted by Abraham Lincoln.


Bountiful Biographies

Atypical Biographies for Kids

Biographies often get a bad rap- especially among kids. They bring up memories of school assigned book reports and boring encyclopedia articles filled with dry facts. And one does have to search a little harder to find compelling fun stories about people who changed the world around them-- but they do exist! The following collection represent my favorite sampling of picture book biographies that are not only fun to read but also feature people (and maybe a bear or two) who don't often find themselves as the subjects of school reports.


Library Love!

Picture books that share our love of libraries

September is Library Card Sign Up Month -- so if you don't have a library card, this list should inspire you to sign up for one here! It was a struggle to pick just a few picture books about the magical place that is a library! Most of these books play on the imagination factor that allows children (and adults) to dream and play in a new world through reading and books! We know that reading is awesome, and hopefully some of these reads will help you to find your way to the library!

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Job Seekers Clinic September


Staff at Cleveland Park Library are available for job seeker assistance all month, every month. While we can provide assistance for walk-ins, please call the Information Desk at 202-282-3072 or email at to make an appointment for one-on-one assistance.  You can receive assistance navigating job websites, setting up accounts on popular job search sites, writing resumes and cover letters, and filling out online job applications.

Chalk by Bill Thomson

Imagination Exploration!

Picture books that encourage imagination!

When I was a kid, I would spend lots of time creating worlds in my head and acting them out with my Barbies and assorted toys. I eschewed my Barbie Dream Car in favor of using my shoes as Barbie cars. Unfortunately for my parents, I drew all over the walls - creating a visual display of everything in my brain. I once pulled out all my stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets and created a soft floor for my bedroom. My poor parents had no reproach for my crazy and wild imagination. They had created the monster by making me a voracious reader!