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Silvia Moreno-Garcia's "Mexican Gothic"

Review of Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia Book of the Month, October 2020

Image of "Mean" book cover featuring a blue sky withclouds and shadow of the letters that spell out "mean" onto an empty parking lot

Myriam Gurba, "Mean"

Review of Meanby Myriam Gurba Book of the Month, July 2020 Written by Las Comadres Book Club member and DC Public Library staff person, Gabi K.H.

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Tommy Orange, "There There"

Review of There Thereby Tommy Orange Book of the Month, June 2020 Written by Las Comadres Book Club member, Serena V.

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Finding a Flow State

Books to Absorb You

We've likely all looked for it: a way to simultaneously escape ourselves while being as close to our bones as we can be. The whole idea of a "flow state" is predicated on this idea - losing ourselves in a purposeful way. Thoughtful or creative work is the cleanest path to this state, but exposing ourselves to someone else's art also prompts the reader's imagination and cues readers to find what it says about who they are. 

Cover of Jaquira Diaz's "Ordinary Girls"

Jaquira Diaz, "Ordinary Girls"

Review of Ordinary Girls, by Jaquira Diaz Book of the Month, May, 2020 Written by Las Comadres Book Club member, Serena V.

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What Happens After the End of the World?

With everything going on lately, I’ve been swallowed by a thousand emotions and thoughts per hour and my mind’s been haphazardly ping-ponging between the doors holding each one in place. To be fair, in order to comply with D.C.’s Stay At Home Orders, my body only ping-pongs around my apartment so at least one part of me stays steady.

Black History of the White House Book Cover

DC Emancipation Day, Census 2020, and Voting

Read and participate

With DC Emancipation Day on April 16, it seems prudent to be thinking about D.C.’s place in this country and the history it has seen, as well as all the people who have shaped it into the city it is today -- and what steps can be taken even now from home to contribute to its future.

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Second Chance Romances

Another chance to consider love comes at almost the beginning of every year, after New Year's resolutions are set and as the days are stretching into something brighter as they pass. Valentine's Day is as good a reason as any to watch something romantic and full of possibility and questions. Some romances feel like an answer but some embrace uncertainty and give us the secondhand experience of happenstance and second chances.

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Fairy Tale Winter

Each season of the year has its own unique qualities. But, it's winter, more than any other season, that feels filled with magic. Maybe it's the quietude, the way an uncommon hush from a snowfall can feel like awe; or maybe just the way we still when  spending more time indoors, more time at home. Magic creeps into my reading taste this time of year, but I like to read things that feel fresh, too, in a way. Below are some books that aren't fully fantasy, but that have it creeping at the edges, like ivy on a wintry house.

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Autumn Books and Songs

While summer is a time that feels actionable and light, winter feels like a time for hunkering down. The opposite sensibilities of summer and winter leave autumn, which officially started Sept. 23 this year, to be the in-between time.  As summer's curtain lifts for fall, it sets the scene for settling. And, in correlation, the romanticism of summer tapering to a slower pulse feels like longing.