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Book bundles for Hispanic Heritage Month

Small collections of children's books that celebrate Hispanic culture!

Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and our Children's librarians have curated book bundles with contents in either English, Spanish, or bilingual for all our users to discover and enjoy Hispanic culture and authors.  Each bundle includes 5-7 fiction and non-fiction titles, picture books and audiobooks. Have questions or additional requests? Talk to the children's librarian!

Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Literary Coming of Age Fiction

Literature often isn't about an event happening; often the best stories are about small events and how they change someone. One of my favorite types of story is one where the narrator grows up and into themselves. Adolescence is a time of so much growth, development, and change that is ripe with narrative power. Here are some of my favorite coming of age stories:  

me talk pretty one day book cover

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings

The important thing to remember about feelings is that despite the manifestations they find in the world, and/or the actions taken to express them, they only truly exist in your head. There are a lot of methods for managing the way these feelings impact your life, and finding someone to talk to is invaluable. But another way to move forward is to look at things through another lens.

specimen days book image

Walt Whitman and Fiction about the Mystery of Being Alive

Walt Whitman left an enormous impact on American culture. His impact is well documented in both his own words and by people who have come afterward and found resonance with his work.

anna karenina

Romance with a Compelling Setting

One of the most essential principles of books that delve into the different ways we love people is that the book needs to be felt. Part of what makes that happen are the characters themselves: how realistically they are portrayed and how well the author is able to make them feel human, or how much of an affinity they have to our own sensibilities (or to what we can imagine as readers). These affinities ground themselves in the characters, but also in the settings of the books.

The Carrying by Ada Limon

Year End Reads

As the official winter season gets closer, the weather slows things down and instills a heaviness that really makes us feel ourselves in our bodies. When we are not as frenetic, books are a great companion to the new (but cyclical) rhythm. It’s a vista from which to take stock, particularly with a new year on the horizon line. The books below offer characters or writers who are speaking to a centeredness, steadiness, or timeliness.

Facilitated Dialogue

Dialogue with Neighbors

Immigration: Exploring how our identities, experiences and values shape our views

Whether you are a new immigrant or your family came to the United States generations ago, come share your perspective on how current local and national immigration issues are affecting community life. This dialogue will happen over three sessions and community members are strongly encouraged to attend all three as each dialogue session will build on the previous one.

Photo of Bear the Dog

Meet Bear!

A Mt. Pleasant Library Volunteer

Bear is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library when he can. Here are ten fun facts about Bear: Bear is a mini Australian Labradoodle. Bear does not shed, so people that are allergic to dogs are ok around him!

Photo of Maya the PAL Dog

Meet Maya!

A Mt. Pleasant Library Volunteer

Maya is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library when she can. Here are ten fun facts about Maya: Maya is a super sweet girl born in 2011.  Maya loves, loves, loves water and is an avid swimmer. Maya is a ball fetcher extraordinaire. Maya rarely barks… usually only once a year.

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Meet Apollo

A Mt. Pleasant Library Volunteer

Apollo is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt Pleasant Neighborhood Library when he can. Here are 10 fun facts about Apollo: Apollo is from Florida. Apollo likes warm weather. Apollo is a mutt. Apollo is a cool mix of border collie, boxer and bulldog.