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3 keys

Booktalking "Three Keys" by Kelly Yang

The Calivista Motel is Mia Tang's home. She takes pride in checking in customers and living there with her parents, who own the motel. They also clean and manage the motel. The weeklies and the Tang family socializes together regularly, and the facility is a happening place. The Tang family is proud to post a "No Vacancy" sign during the summer, which indicates good business and cash flow. Even the Yaos, former owners of the motel, are impressed with the surge of customers.

Haiku Contest 2022

Celebrate National Poetry Month with DC Public Library

Thank you for celebrating National Poetry Month with DC Public Library! This April, DC Public Library invited residents ages 6 and up to submit a haiku to the 2022 Haiku Contest around the following themes: ✎ Your love of books, reading or the library, ✎ Something small that gives you joy, ✎ DC in springtime, or


Booktalking "The Doughnut Fix" by Jessie Janowitz

Tristan is a man on a mission. When his folks move the family from the Big Apple to small town, Petersville, NY, he's afraid that he's going to die from boredom. There seems to be nothing to do in the town... until he glimpses a sign in the window of The General Store. It says "We sell chocolate cream doughnuts." Mmmmm... chocolate donuts. Tristan surmises that Petersville may have one saving grace... until he finds out that the town does not in fact have the donuts. 

Serial Killers

Booktalking "The Best New Crime Stories: Serial Killers" by Mitzi Szereto

In Japan, a young man seeks out elementary aged girls to sexually assault and murder. Supposedly, the "Rat Man," the killer's alto ego, forced him to commit these heinous crimes. Fred and Rose West killed many people in Gloucester, England, both together and separately.  In Scotland, many women were killed by a man who repeatedly made references to the Holy Bible.

Never Said

Booktalking "Never Said" by Carol Lynch Williams

Annie is a perfect, popular, happy beauty queen. Sarah is the forgotten one who is sure that she is invisible. Twins forever.. but they lack the emotional touch together that they once treasured.


Booktalking "Policewoman One" by Gayleen Hays

Gayleen joined the police force in 1967. She wore a straight skirt and a badge that said policewoman, which was a different job than policeman. She participated in a beauty contest for the women on the force and earned the coveted title of "Miss Fuzz." She worked the prostitution beat, juvenile, and jail duty, where she predominately supervised female incarcerated persons. She lowered the police flag in the rain and a skirt, and she wore a wig so that when people pulled on it, it would simply come off. 


Booktalking "Zara Hossain Is Here" by Sabina Khan

Zara Hossain feels like she is climbing a mountain. As the only Muslim girl in school, she faces discrimination. Tyler and friends, in particular, seem to enjoy degrading her identity right to the very core. It starts off with hurtful comments. When she reports this, the abuse escalates to vandalizing her property. Then they take it further. Tyler approaches her home, and when the teenage girl's father attempts to intervene, he is injured. The hate keeps intensifying, rapidly growing flames of hurt that threaten to engulf not only her but her entire family. 

Six Months Later

Booktalking "Six Months Later" by Natalie Richards

Chloe is a 17-year-old girl who is missing half a year of her life. Somehow, she managed to miss last summer. After she bumps her head in November, she realizes that her last memory is from May. Her memory issues are highly disconcerting to her. The teen loves summer and everything about it, but she has no recollection of the last one. She has no idea what she is doing or how she got to this point.


Booktalking "The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali" by Sabina Khan

17-year-old senior high school student Rukhsana is in Seattle, and she is fiercely in love with Ariana and not one bit ashamed of it. Unfortunately, her parents do not feel similarly. As a Muslim girl, they expect her to marry a nice Muslim boy. Ariana is not Muslim, and Ariana's folks see her lover as a kind of potential terrorist threat. The two girls struggle to keep their relationship safe. Ariana would like the news to be out in the open, while Rukhsana desires to preserve her future. The two girls both apply to Caltech, and they are thrilled to be accepted.


Booktalking "Efren Divided" by Ernesto Cisneros

Efren wants to be a typical boy who has his family life who has his family life at home and his friends at school. This sense of normality and well-being shatters when his Ama is deported to Mexico. The teen and Apa attempt to keep this knowledge from the twins, Max and Mia, for as long as possible, but they soon catch on to the stark reality of the horrific situation. Efren's friend, David, is campaigning to become class president. Efren, meanwhile, can barely manage to help take care of the twins and do his schoolwork in the midst of his inner turmoil.