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Join us on Thursday, June 3 as we celebrate the 125th Anniversary of DC Public Library!

Evelyn McKenly

Get Out the Vote

Community Response

Several Model Cities Senior Wellness Center members, located in Ward 5, decided to meet at the Woodridge Neighborhood Library with Eric White to deposit their ballots at the Board of Elections Official Drop Box in front of the building.  The seniors wanted D.C. residents to know that they were taking advantage of early voting via the Drop Box and that all of our votes make a difference.  Mrs. Evelyn McKenly, who is turning 101 on Nov.


FinanciallyFit DC Public Library Resource List

Books, Digital Resources and More

Take charge of your personal finances by joining Financially Fit DC and using the resources available to you at the DC Public Library. Check them out today. Making a budget

Space Opera

Hopeful Science Fiction

The last several years, science fiction has been very dark. Post-Apocalyptic fiction is big. Either the world has been destroyed, and we're all trying to survive in a wasteland, or terrible people have formed a totalitarianism government that lies to us and keeps us down. Now in real life, we’re all socially isolating because a virus. I thought it might be nice to read some hopeful science fiction -- something that shows us doing good things, rather than trying to survive terrible ones.

DC Emancipation Day

DC Emancipation Day 2020

Online Resources Connecting you to D.C. History

The library has a wide range of online resources for learning about history. Use these ebooks and databases to learn more about Emancipation Day and DC history. All of these resources are available by going to the DC Library web page and using the online catalog or our collection of goDigital databases.

Girl Genius

Fictional Femmes of STEM

This list is comprised of titles that feature highly competent, dynamic, diverse, but fictional women feverishly working in fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Their genius is compulsory and their formidability and passion are inspiring and, at times, terrifying.

Bronze coin-shaped medal suspended on a multicolored ribbon.

Honoring Your Service: African Americans in the Military

A Black History Month Event featuring a day-long series of programs honoring Black Vets

On Saturday, Feb. 22, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Woodridge Library will celebrate African American Veterans with a day-long series of activities: Tell Your Story Participate in the Library of Congress' Veteran's History Project by contributing to the audio archive. Trained interviewers will be available to take oral histories from participants. For an appointment, please contact David Quick at david.quick2@dc.gov. Precious Objects

Books by Year 1965-1971

What Year is it, Anyway? Part 1

Five books about 1965-1969 music and culture (with the year in the title!)

I love reading about rock and roll, and I love reading about rock and roll in a historical context. So when I noticed a theme emerging in the stacks of music books at our branches, I took note. That theme was "the year as title," a not-so-subtle bid that tells you exactly what you are in for at first glance. These tomes are fun and informative and so full of music-history-as-sociology minutiae, you can find all kinds of facts you did not know before.  

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

One and Done

Famous authors and the lone novels they published in their lifetimes

This list collects a handful of novels that are the only books published by authors in their lifetimes. More specifically, it focuses on bigger name authors, many of whom also wrote short stories, essays and/or poetry, but whom I was surprised to find only published one novel. 

Old Woodridge Library

Happy Anniversary Woodridge Library!

Woodridge Neighborhood Library Celebrates 90 Years of Lifelong Learning!

Woodridge Neighborhood Library celebrates 90 years of lifelong learning!