Benning/Dorothy I. Height Neighborhood Library

Benning's Picks: The 14 Fibs of Gregory K. (Aaliyah)

Aaliyah tells us that her favorite book is The 14 Fibs of Gregory K. by Greg Pincus. She likes this book because it is funny and enjoyable.

THINK TANK: Artist Talk with John Edmonds

John Edmonds is a fine art photographer with something to say. Living and working in Washington D.C., Edmonds creates art that colorfully “explores themes of masculine identity, beauty, race and sexuality. Fascinated by the veiling and unveiling of these identities, his work is as personal as it is universal, social and political.”

Benning's Picks: Double Trouble In Walla Walla (Traevon)

Traevon shared that one of his favorite books is D

Benning's Picks: 'The Rainbow Fish' (Traevon)

Traevon shared with us that his favorite book is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Traevon likes this book because the fish has a lot of scales and shares them.

Benning's Picks: I Funny (Sheila)

Sheila says that her favorite book is I Funny by James Patterson and Chris Grabstein. She likes I Funny because it is funny (as advertised!).

Benning's Picks: Amber Brown (Alexis)

Alexis shares that her favorite books are the Amber Brown books, such as Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon, by Paula Danzinger.

Benning's Picks: Junie B. Jones

One patron, who asked that we not use her name, likes the Junie B. Jones books. The first Junie B. Jones book was Junie B.