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THINK TANK: Obsessed with Facebook

 Source: OneExtraPixel.comTHINK TANK is a monthly forum to explore and discuss art and contemporary topics at the Dorothy I. Height/Benning Neighborhood Library

THINK TANK: All in the Family with LaToya Ruby Fraizer

When was the last time you went to Wal-Mart or CVS to print out a photo of your mother? Even, of yourself?With the popularity of Instagram and Twitter, we seem to feel safe with only electronically posting our photos for our "friends" and "followers" to see, but not for our family records.But what will happen when, or if, social media platforms disappear like thieves in the night? Who will we be to our grandkids? 

THINK TANK: 'Pariah' Movie Screening

Alike is a 17-year-old girl from New York struggling with her identity as a lesbian. As she fights for acceptance and love from herself and the world, Alike goes on a painful yet beautiful journey that will help shape her life.

The Write|Speak Writing Contest

In honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), we are kicking off our new Young Adult writing contest, The Write|Speak Writing Contest!

Get Your Email On!

Come and Learn the Basics of Emailing

Do you need help using your exisiting email account? Do you need an email account and don't have one?

Get 'Stuffed'!

The first book I picked up as a new Library Associate, a few short weeks ago, was Stuffed by Eric Walters. A petite piece of literature with only 14 short chapters, I would have never guessed that this Young Adult material was heavy enough to hold down my attention.

Online Scavenger Hunt

Sunday Program

In honor of celebrating the new Sunday hours, the library presents a thrilling scavenger hunt.Think you have what it takes to be a detective?Are you fast at navigating through different web pages?

Challenging Assignments? Let Us Help You!

Attention all students!As a new school year begins, there will be loads of homework, test, and quizzes that you will have to complete. While some assignments may seem easy, others will appear to be a little more challenging.

Cons of Recycling

Each year, Americans throw away tons of amounts of waste. Instead of sending the waste to the landfill, some practice recycling.Recycling can be defined as a process that turns one manufactured product, such as paper or glass, into another product. Products are changed into new ones by mechanical or chemical methods. The positive effects of recycling are always told, however the challenges are just as important too.