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Read ‘em, Cowboy

Award-Winning Westerns

The Spur Awards are given annually for distinguished writing about the American West. Today, Spurs are offered for the best western novel (short novel), best novel of the west (long novel), best original paperback novel, best short story, best short nonfiction. Also, best contemporary nonfiction, best biography, best history, best juvenile fiction and nonfiction, best TV or motion picture drama, best TV or motion picture documentary, and best first novel.These award winners are available at the D.C. Public Library:

Living Dead in Paperback

Pocket Books has announced a co-publishing venture with Permuted Press, best known for horror, dark fantasy and science fiction novels. The first title, Day By Day Armageddon, a zombie novel, will be released in October. The second book in the series will be released in February 2010.Armageddon is one man’s story as he fights to live as the dead become the dominant “life” form on earth.Read more about Permuted Press.

Teachers, Win a Trip to Antarctica

Contest Winner Will Join Robert Swan, Author of 2041

Robert Swan’s 2041: My Quest to Save the World’s Last Wilderness, will be published in October 2009. To promote this environmental book, the publisher, Broadway Books, is giving away a free trip to Antarctica to one teacher.On the trip, teachers, students, corporate leaders, and environmental experts will see Antarctica’s fragile ecosystems in person. The ship will sail past the Antarctic’s ice cliffs, follow whales as they feed, view Gentoo Penguins and cruise past Cape Horn.