Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

The MLK Jr. Memorial Library closed on Saturday, March 4, 2017 for modernization: learn more at Interim services for the MLK Library (including the Library Express location, Special Collections, and the Memory Lab) began on Monday, May 8, 2017. Please visit for more information on interim services.

Talking Book Club March 20

Two Short Works by Famous Authors

In March we will discuss two short, less-known works by famous authors:The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder

The Evening Star

On Display in the Great Hall -- and Now Available Online!

Purim Party!

A celebration of the Jewish holiday

Purim is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated on the 14th day of Adar, a month of the Hebrew Calendar.

Author Talk with Dawn Day Biehler

Urban pests such a flies, bedbugs, roaches and rats trouble people in their homes, but the history of pests shows that they are much more than a private problem.

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

A Family Fun Time Event

Long ago, St. Patrick's day began as a religious holiday that celebrated the arrival of Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland. Today, it is celebrated in many parts of the world in the spirit of Irish heritage, culture and good luck! St. Patrick's Day celebrations of today include parades, feasts, Irish folklore and wearing the color green!

Art & Flowers in the Great Hall

Register online to win!


Who's Afraid of a Little Snow?

Tell us the words that are keeping you warm.

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Adaptive Services Children's Recommendation

"How to Train Your Dragon"

Dear LBPH Kids,How to Train Your Dragon is our Adaptive Services Division children’s movie recommendation for March 2014.

Check It or Leave It?

Join library staff members Peter and TaChalla as they discuss the rightfully neglected or undiscovered gems of the Popular Library at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

Mario Day Program

Monday, March 10 is Mario Day, so named because when abbreviated, Mar. 10 looks like the name Mario. Although not originally intended, Mario Day has become closely associated with famed Nintendo video game mascot, Mario the plumber.