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Remembering Nora Ephron

Film tribute planned for August

On June 26, 2012, readers and filmgoers everywhere lost a sparkling talent with the passing of Nora Ephron.  Her

Room-inations: The Bedroom

This is the second post in a three-part series about rooms around the house. You can read the first post, on bathrooms, here.

E-Reader Show & Tell

Thinking of buying a Kindle, but not sure which one to get? Received a Nook as a gift and not sure how to use it? Don't know the difference between an iPad and an iPod?  Are you wondering how to go about downloading books, movies, and music from the library? Help is on the way. 

Brown Bag Book Share

Starting this fall, booklovers will have a place downtown to get together and talk about books over lunch: The DC Public Library.  Readers will be able to bring their lunches, talk about their monthly reading and discover what other readers love and hate and why.  Members will share opinions about their favorites and compare notes on the hottest new titl

Super Heroics

Heroism and its Discontents

The spate of recent and upcoming superhero movies tends only to show the more successful heroes and crimefighters; your Batmans, Spider-Mans, Avengers... But what about those second- or third-tier superheroes?How about taking a look at the junior varsity superhero squad?

James & Dolley Madison's War

On June 19, 1812, President James Madison issued a proclamation to the public, declaring the United States was at war with Great Britain. The previous day, he had sent a message to Congress asking for a declaration of war.  The war would define his presidency and the new nation.

Celebrate Black Music Month with Poetry

Poet Fred Joiner Shares Musical Words

Local poet and artist Fred Joiner will choose poems from the Black Studies collection that are inspired by Black music and share some of his own music-inspired poetry.

July's Goodreads Group: Short Stories

Have you been meaning to join a book group, but can never find the time to make it to meetings? Are you an avid social media user as well as an avid reader? Do you just want to read some good books and discuss them with others?

A Wicked Talent Gone For Good

Remembering Ray Bradbury

If you are now or have ever been a Trekkie, a Boomer, or a Gearhead, chances are that you have been touched by the work of Ray Bradbury.  While his contemporary Isaac

High Tea in the Library

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee

Watching all the royal doings in London, some of the Popular Library staff thought it would be a good idea to honor the Great Lady with a high tea of our own.  And why not?  Elizabeth II inherited the throne from her father, the much beloved George V